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Tips to Having a Great Family Camping Trip

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Wisconsin camping

Camping vacations remain very popular in the United States. In 2010, at least 40 million people headed outdoors for a grand total of 515 million camping trips. That number went up to 42.5 million people in 2011. There are a great many resons people love to camp. It is an economical way to treat an entire family to a great experience and gives people a chance to unwind and reconnect with their loved ones. All 50 states have great national and state parks for families to check out. Whether you are looking for ideas for camping in Illinois or California, if you look, you will find a great campground for you and yoru family to enjoy.

Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your F

5 Out of the Box Date Night Ideas

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Jet management services

We dream about what we would do on the perfect date with unlimited amounts of money. The things we’d do, the places we’d see; but it’s all just a dream. Most of us settle for dinner and a movie. But that doesn’t have to be the case. Here are some out the box ideas for date night that could really turn the tide, whether you’ve been married for 25 years or are on a first or second date.

  1. Jet Charter Services
    I know it sounds crazy but read on; it’s possible to not break the bank and take a jet to where you want to go! There are jet charter services that function much like the new car service, Uber and will pick you up, only needing a couple hours advance notice. Of course, these Continue Reading No Comments

Three Tips for a Romantic Valentine’s Day in London

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Hotels abbey road

London has all the perfect ingredients of a romantic city: great food, beautiful art, and incredible architecture come together to bring an air of romance to this ancient metropolis. At no time in the year is this more true than around Valentine’s Day. Just like others across the world, Brits go to painstaking lengths to make sure they show their loved ones exactly how much they care for them on February 14th.

Unfortunately or otherwise, planning the perfect Valentine’s Day in London Town is a lot easier than it sounds. As the BBC points out, there are over 130,000 hotel rooms in the city, making a hotel search extremely difficult. Plus, in a city known for its history, food from over 270 nationalities, according to The London Evening Standard, and countless other activities to consider, getting

Take a Vacation in Florida

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Florida summer break rentals

Vacations are the best way to decompress, relax, and forget your troubles. For many families, this means a trip to Florida. Florida is one of the most popular vacation spots in America because of its climate, and also its attractions. In 2012 alone, Florida’s median hotel occupancy rate was almost 70%.

It is common for families to head to the Sunshine State during the summer months, because school is out, but Florida summers can be extremely humid. It might be better to travel between October and February, because the weather in Florida is the most comfortable during this time, according to USA Today. During these months, families can also get Florida off-season rentals at a more affordable price. Most Florida

How to Find the Best Hotels and Three Other London Travel Tips

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Did you know, according to London and Partners, London Town hosted a record shattering 7.9 million tourists in the first half of 2013 alone? Year over year, that number marks a 7.7% increase in tourism since 2012. The statistics aren’t terribly surprising, not when you consider that London has been the number one tourist attraction in the United Kingdom for a long time running. In fact, 54% of all tourists visiting the country spend at least some time in the Big Smoke.

Unfortunately for the vast majority of tourists the city welcomes every year, they never dig beyond London’s outer tourism shell. They may luck out and find their way to the best hotels in the city, but, by and

Five Ways to Save Big on Hotel Reservations

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Best hotel

Are you looking to get away for the holidays? Are you struggling to send your employees on important business trips without going outside of your budget? In either situation, you’re likely aware that increased travel prices have made it more difficult than ever to find hotel rooms, airfare, and food on a budget. Consider, according to USA Today, the average family of four will spend $4,000 on a family vacation in 2013. Business travelers looking for hotel reservations will find that hotel costs have increased by 5% since last year, according to CNBC. For whatever reason you’re on the hotel search, you’ll need easy ways to cut costs. Here are five of the best.

  1. Consider Staying in a Pension
  2. As Smarter Travel writes, one of the best ways to save on your ho

Why Oregon is the Best Place to Live

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Welches cabins

When you think of Oregon, you probably immediately think of Portland, a city known for being a haven of creativity, alternative lifestyles, and hipster central. Well, think again. There are many, many benefits of living in Oregon.

Whether you are searching for vacation homes for sale along the rocky Pacific coastline, seeking luxury cabins for sale or mountain homes within close proximity to skiing (such as Mt Hood real estate and the Oregon Cascades), or, in lieu of rural real estate want something more urban, there is a slice of Oregon to suit any taste and lifestyle.

The benefits of living in Oregon are aplenty. Not only is the cost of living in Oregon lower than its neighboring states (there is no sales tax and buying a home in Orego

Sip Champagne While Peering Out At All of London

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Hotels in central london

Did you know that, just two years ago in 2011, 15.3 million tourists from all over the world planned a holiday in London? London boasts some of the world’s most beautiful and history-packed architecture, as well as a handful of modern, and equally popular, tourist attractions. What are some of the must-see sights of London?

Explore London’s Rich History

London hotels are located conveniently nearby
world-famous architecture. Westminster Abbey, for example, dates way back to 1245. That same year, Henry III designated the abbey as his official burial site, and began reconstruction of the modern frame. Monarchs continue to be buried in Westminster Abbey today. The abbey also hosts coronations, guided tou

Planning a Vacation? Read On!

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Cheap hotels near kings cross

Planning a vacation to one of the beautiful King cross hotels? Sorting out all the details that family and business trips come with can be a huge hassle, especially to certain high traffic destinations. In 2010, London attracted the most international visitors from France, Germany and the United States. While London hotels are famous for their charm and hospitality, those that are planning a vacation should make sure they end up at the right one!

London is home to a large number of luxury hotels and tourist attractions that bring in people from all across the globe. While this may ma

Downton Abbey Highclere Castle or Doctor Who London Tour

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Travel concierge

Downton Abbey has become a smash hit drama, winning a Primetime Emmy for Outstanding Mini Series, a Golden Globe for Best Mini Series or Television Film, and many more. And while most fans are aware that the series is set in the real life Highclere Castle, the more discerning fan should consider a Downton Abbey tour. Or if a British castle tour isn’t your thing, perhaps a Doctor Who London tour is more up your alley. Custom VIP tours offer much more flexibility than the usual tours in the more obvious locations.

While the thought of English film set tours may seem a bit stuffy, custom VIP tours offer a distinct and memorable alternative to the usual tourist sites. For example, food plays an important role in Downton Abbey and you might be pleased to know that the majority of the food used in the show is actually real, something you may be able to sample during the Highclere castle tour. Downton Abbey travel is a great way for a fan to spend some time on his or her vacation.

Perhaps you’re more into the popular, long running scifi series Doctor Who, in which case a Doctor Who London tour is more to your liking. A Doctor Who London tour should include all of your favorite locations from the ninth, tenth, eleventh doctors, as well as those from the classic series. If you’ve ever wanted to see the film set for the TARDIS, as well as any other Doctor Who essentials, consider a Doctor Who London tour for your next British vacation, you won’t regret it!

If you’re a fan of Downton Abbey or Doctor Who, get the tour of a lifetime and see the filming locations and inner workings of your favorite BBC shows. Consider a Downton Abbey or a Doctor Who London tour today.