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Find Your Camping Style, From Campgrounds with Cabins to a Bivy on Your Back

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There are so many reasons to indulge in a good camping trip. Whether you’ve got a group of friends looking to gear up on a new adventure, you are looking for something fun to do with the family, or you just need a bit of a solo escape away from all the hustle and bustle, camping is the perfect option. And the great thing is that, for those who aren’t really feeling the draw to a rugged experience fending off mosquitos while you try to sleep, there is always the option of finding good campgrounds with cabins to rent.

Finding the best campgrounds with cabins

When you are looking for the best places to camp, probably the most important thing to keep in mind as you read reviews and ask others for tips on their favorite spots is that the experience is completely subjective. What one person love might drive the next person crazy, and vice versa. There are the diehard fans of the great outdoors who will venture out with a tent or bivy strapped to their backs, or perhaps they’ll just be packing a sleeping bag, in order to snuggle up and spend a beautiful night under the stars.

But for those who seek a bit more of the comforts of home, campgrounds with cabins are a great way to go. It is the perfect compromise between the luxuries you love about the modern world, and the innate connection to nature that exists on some level in all of us. Whether you want to explore the gorgeous Great Lakes and are searching for cabins in Michigan, or you are more interested in checking out the cabins in Colorado so that you can get your inner mountaineer on, there is bound to be the perfect getaway abode for you.

Find your camping style

Yes, there are the camping enthusiasts who can tell you all about what they consider to be “real” camping, and that’s just fine. Everyone should have their own personal brand of camping, and if yours is different from someone else’s, so be it. Each and every camper discovers what the activity means for them and how it shapes up to be. Cabin camping is quite popular, as you get closer to the outdoors, feeding that inner hunger to be one with nature, but affording yourself the opportunity to retreat to the warm, dry, well lit and well connected comforts you appreciate so much more after an entire day out in nature.

Around 63% of adult campers have a tendency to not stray too far from home, camping within 150 miles of home. This could hint at the desire to stay close to those comforts, or it could also hint at the love for the activity; people will camp snatch up the opportunity to go camping when they can, even if it is just a short trip nearby. Many love camping just because camping itself is so fun. But others are drawn to activities that go well with camping, such as hiking, fishing, festivals, or major outdoor events that span more than a single day. In fact about 87% of people camping took part in many different outdoor games, events, and activities.

Recently, over the course of one year, about $5 billion in revenue was generated by RV parks and campgrounds. People love their outdoor activities, and camping is among the most beloved, with good reason.

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