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The Benefits of Chartering Private versus Commercial Flights

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Private aircraft

Are you considering a private jet charter for business purposes? You may be interested to know that there were 11,261 private jets registered in the United States by 2011. The private jet market is larger in the United States than in Europe, with the former accounting for 49.7% and the latter for 20.8%.

The business aviation industry is also a major employer. There are approximately 1.2 million people in the United States that work for this industry in some capacity. On an annual basis, $150 billion in economic activity is generated as a result.

There are a variety of personnel that tend to use private business aircraft. A recent survey showed the following types of business passengers and the perce

How to Charter a Plane Privately

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Charter a private jet

Whether it’s the flexibility, the service, the privacy, the feeling, the image or the convenience, it’s a great idea to charter a private jet. There’s so much diversity when it comes to flying privately and it makes it so much easier. No crazy airports and security, no delays because someone else is late or the forgot to put the engine in the plane, no crowded flights or annoying passengers; just you, the staff and who you choose to allow to fly with you. If you want to charter a private jet but aren’t exactly sure how to go about it, this article will give you some helpful things to think about before you jump headlong in research.

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