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Services on Board an Airplane

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Today, air travel is a vast and very popular way travel, and the passengers on board can be nearly anyone; families on vacation or moving to a new state, business professionals taking a trip sponsored by a travel agency, or anything in between. One thing that passenger jet occupants have in common, though, is a desire for a comfortable interior with amenities and a pleasant decor, and global aircraft interiors today may in fact come with a dazzling variety of services and features, based on the airline and how long the trip is expected to be. In flight entertainment, inseat AC power, in flight video, and more may be costly for an airline to install into its aircraft, but in many cases, this investment is easily worth the cost, and therefore can pay for itself and make the plane more attractive to more passengers. Private charter jets may also take advantage of this and make use of IFE monitors, an airplane power outlet, and more for its passengers.

Global Aircraft Interiors

In the modern age, there is plenty of reason for global aircraft interiors to have as many comforts and features that the airline can manage to install into its vehicles. TripAdvisor conducted a survey in 2013, and it found some statistics that would encourage airlines to have more features in their global aircraft interiors. To begin with, 25% of all respondents to that survey said that they would choose one airline over another if it offered WiFi services, and the same survey showed that 37% of all respondents consider bringing an iPad or tablet on board an essential carry-on item, up 5% from the same survey in the year before. For that reason, having ports for power for these items can be very appealing for passengers, who will want to keep their device powered during the flight. What is more, 56% of that survey’s respondents said that they are using their smart phones for flight status alerts, a 10% rise from the 2012 survey. Meanwhile, 41% of airline passengers say taht they like to watch movies during flights, and 21% of them will read books (paper or electronic), and 17% of them will simply nap or sleep overnight on their flight if it is a longer flight. How can airlines keep up?

More Features

Global aircraft interiors have a number of factors to juggle. The seats should be sturdy and comfortable, and maintained so that they are clean and in good condition. The heating and cooling systems should keep everyone at the right temperature, and for entertainment, an airline may install IFE products (In Flight Entertainment), which often take the form of viewing screens on the backs of seats so that customers may watch movies on them, and headphones will keep the entertainment private and not bother the other customers. (The actual movies provided may vary in cost, and different titles may be available based on airline.) And if an airline installed WiFi services on board and advertises this fact, that can be very appealing for passengers and this can boost ticket sales for the airline. Similarly, charge ports for smart phones, tablets, and laptops can be provided, and this also boosts the plane’s appeal. Not only will leisure travelers like this, but business professionals may need to do some work on board their flight and take advantage of that long time period, and if that professional can access WiFi, then he or she can in fact access Cloud storage services for their business and keep in contact with their co-workers while on a business trip high in the sky. Studies have shown that often, business professionals are in fact more productive on board airplanes than in an office, so a traveling business professional may not only want, but need an airplane with these electronic services, and may not board a plane that does not offer them.

This may apply not only to global aircraft interiors, but also to smaller, charter jets that those who can afford them sometimes ride in. Such planes may not have the fuel tank to cross an entire ocean, like flying from Seattle to Tokyo, but a flight should involve WiFi and/or electronic device charge ports for work.

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