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Three Benefits Of Camping During The Summer

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Family camping trips

Family vacations are important parts of summer for most families — and they take place during the summer precisely because this is the best time of year for families to vacation. Most children have the entire summer off; and if their parents work in education-related fields, they often will as well. Even if you don’t work for the school system, you’ll probably be more likely to get time off during the summer because employers expect parents to vacation with their children during the summer. In the South in particular, there are many different vacation options for families, but some are certainly more expensive than others. Going to the beach might be fun in theory, but in reality beaches are packed with tourists, and beach towns are therefore very expensive. Therefore, southern campgrounds may be a better idea. Family camping trips are great options for families looking to have fun, get back in touch with nature, and save money. In fact, camping vacations needn’t be confined to the summer. Early fall campgrounds are also available, and in fact campgrounds in general come with a wide variety of different options for families — you can take part in traditional tent camping, or try something different. With that being said, let’s look into the benefits of vacationing in southern campgrounds.

1. Cost Efficiency

One of the main differences between a vacation taken before kids and after kids is the cost associated with it. Many parents find themselves grasping at straws for vacation options that are both “cheap” and fun. They don’t want to lose quality because they can’t spend a lot of money. Southern campgrounds offer cost-effective camping options for families that want to have fun without breaking the bank. Camping in general is a relatively inexpensive way to vacation — which is one of the many reasons why in just 2010, about 40 million people went camping for a total of 515 million outings. When it comes to camping, you can often bring your own “housing”, whether that means a RV or a tent. Furthermore, you bring your own food rather than going out to eat on a regular basis. Another thing so many people love about camping is that it encourages people to get away from expensive gaming systems, computers, and phones. You don’t have to worry about buying into “extras” as you would at a theme park either. Camping in general is a great way to save money while on vacation.

2. There Are Many Different Options Available

Southern campgrounds don’t offer one way of camping. Camping comes in many different forms. For those who really want to be traditional, public campgrounds combine safety with the opportunity to be “rugged” — which is perhaps why 70% of camping is done on public campgrounds. Of course, you can also take a RV to public campgrounds. RVs offer some of the comforts of home while at the same time allowing for the camping experience to take place. Yurts are rising in popularity, as they are “natural” while allowing for more comfort and shelter than a tent. It’s estimated that the typical camper, whether in a RV, tent, bivy, or yurt spends about 14.9 days on a camping trip. So you’ll want to be comfortable. Indeed, public allow for shower access in many cases, making them even more popular among those who love to camp but don’t want to get too dirty.

3. Camping Brings Families Together

Let’s be honest: during many family vacations, we are still plugged into our electronic devices, and ultimately do not spend a lot of time really paying attention to one another. Camping forces people to really spend time together, and ultimately, this means more bonding and more fun. Another great thing about camping is that there are many different natural, healthy activities that people can take part in. Your family will become less dependent on technology, and more dependent on each other when it comes to having fun. Camping is the ultimate bonding experience.

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