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Are You Ready to Schedule Your Family’s Winter Vacation?

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Myrtle beach condo rental

The weekends together as a family are becoming fewer and less frequent. Even with the best intentions, it is difficult to find a time when even your small family of four can spend any quality time together. With a sophomore daughter in high school who is busy with show choir, marching band and orchestra, getting away even for a weekend can be a challenge. Combine the busy study and activity schedule of your high school daughter with the even more complicated schedule of your college sophomore daughter and getting together becomes nearly impossible.
After some hectic weekends of travel to visit your college daughter where you spent just as much time and money feeding her friends as you did your family of four, you have decided to take a different approach to the time you can get together for the winter holiday break. Capitalizing on seven corresponding days in the two girls’ schedules, you have asked your husband to take a week off work as well and have scheduled most of a full week at one of several beach condos available in Florida.
Opting for one of the beach condos instead of a hotel, you have plans to have family meals together and enjoy each others company rather than waiting in long lines for tables and paying the expensive menu prices at restaurants. Long days at the beach and evening sunsets with a campfire are the only real plans on the agenda. Everything else you will schedule as you go. Lazy mornings sleeping in will only have to compete with the temptation to collect sea shells as the tide goes out.
The thank you note from your youngest daughter justified the effort and the expense of the trip:
Being on the beach with the sun on my face is my happiest place. The best part was when vendors come around with frozen mango ice cream. The cool liquid felt amazing in the heat of the blazing sun. If I was close enough to the water every once in a while a wave would come up and hit my toes to instantly cool off my entire body. The peaceful sounds of the waves crashing made for the perfect lullaby for my mid day naps The only thing better than spending all day at the beach would be having beach condos to enjoy the sun every single day.
Beach Condos Provide Renters with the Comforts of Home in a Setting by the Ocean
Vacation condo rentals are often the perfect solution for a family trying to escape their busy schedules of everyday life. In fact, a growing number of leisure travelers are opting for oceanfront rentals or other rental opportunities instead of traditional hotel stays. In fact, 47% of leisure travelers indicate that they are interested in staying in a vacation home rental as an alternative to a traditional hotel or resort during the next 24 months, and 46% indicate they are interested in staying at a condominium resort.
The allure of a vacation that allows for a family to cook their own meals or enjoy the benefits of an all inclusive setting is that it is easier to budget for a trip. Knowing that you can go to a grocery store and make reasonably priced purchases or eat any time you want at an all inclusive resort means that other vacation funds can go toward other activities or purchases.
Beach Rentals Often Offer More Living Space and Easier Access to the Water
While the hotel industry still captures the majority of travelers who want to travel to a beach location, consider some of the reasons that families give for preferring a condo rental:

  • 94% indicate they prefer condo rentals because of their value for price.
  • 90% indicate they prefer condo rentals because of their privacy.
  • 87% indicate they prefer condo rentals because of their full kitchen facilities.
  • 84% indicate they prefer condo rentals because of the other available amenities.
  • 81% indicate they prefer condo rentals because of the overall space.

Whether you hope to travel to Myrtle Beach oceanfront condos or to rentals at another favorite location, the decision to book a full size condo instead of a hotel room often means your family of four will enjoy the trip and want to make it a priority to get together again soon.

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