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Planning Your Perfect Family Camping Trip

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Cabin camping in virginia

Many fun and happy childhood memories involve camping vacations with the family. Camping is a fun time for children, because it gives them the opportunity to spend time with close family members, while learning about the outdoors and all of the possible recreational activities that are available. Children enjoy water, woods and the dirt. They enjoy spending time outdoors and designing a vacation around this possibility is a dream trip for a young child. The other positive side of camping is that no two camping trips are the same. A camping trip and the possible outdoor activities that it holds really depend on the camping destination. Families can plan a camping trip in completely different destinations to change up the vacation times.

Firstly, camping can take place in a tent, and RV or a cabin. Most camping, about 70% is done in public campgrounds, and your family will be convinced to make this a yearly event after they experience family vacation campgrounds. Although some prefer camping with a tent, it can be difficult to adjust to sleeping on the ground with no running water and no electricity. RV camping can be expensive, making the camping trip not as cost effective as it could be. Cabin camping, however, seems to be a nice middle point. Cabin camping is still very affordable and it still provides the feeling of camping. However, it also provides families with running water for showers and cooking and electricity for any needed electric run items. Family cabin rentals are great for those who enjoy camping, but do not prefer to spend days upon days with no power or no water.

Camping promotes outdoor recreation. This is great for young children. In fact, 87% of campers participated in multiple outdoor activities. The activities that are available during camping will depend on the location of the camping site. For example, cabin camping in Michigan might include more rustic and wood type events, including hiking, walking, biking, fishing and hunting. Someone who chooses to do cabin camping in Georgia may have a different type of camping experience, participating in fishing near the ocean, sandcastle building and even boating nearby the ocean. Cabin camping is located all over the country, and each destination provides a completely different type of camping experience.

When families are traveling together, camping seems to be a popular choice. It is affordable for everyone in the family and offers so many activities for all types of people. In fact, family camping vacations are one of the most popular choices for Americans, and they spent about 534.9 million days camping altogether in 2011. Also, each state provides some type of camping opportunities for its residents. Families can literally take a short drive to a great camping location, providing a easy and cost effective summer family vacation.

Summer is a popular time for camping amongst families, because of the warmer weather. Most people who want to camp in either a tent or a cabin prefer the weather to be warm, in order to enjoy the many outdoor activities that go along with camping. However, winter camping is still possible, providing campers with the opportunity to engage in winter sports, such as skiing, snowboarding and sledding.

Camping is in many adult?s childhood memories as a time that they enjoyed. Many parents want to pass these same childhood camping memories onto their children. Camping provides so many options for a vacation, depending on the location of the campsite and on the type of camping that is done. Those who camp in northern or Midwestern states may find a more rustic, woodsy type vacation, while those camping in southern or western states may find a more tropical and beach type of camping trip. Camping is an affordable and exciting choice of a vacation.

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