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How to Find the Best Hotels and Three Other London Travel Tips

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Did you know, according to London and Partners, London Town hosted a record shattering 7.9 million tourists in the first half of 2013 alone? Year over year, that number marks a 7.7% increase in tourism since 2012. The statistics aren’t terribly surprising, not when you consider that London has been the number one tourist attraction in the United Kingdom for a long time running. In fact, 54% of all tourists visiting the country spend at least some time in the Big Smoke.

Unfortunately for the vast majority of tourists the city welcomes every year, they never dig beyond London’s outer tourism shell. They may luck out and find their way to the best hotels in the city, but, by and

Five Ways to Save Big on Hotel Reservations

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Are you looking to get away for the holidays? Are you struggling to send your employees on important business trips without going outside of your budget? In either situation, you’re likely aware that increased travel prices have made it more difficult than ever to find hotel rooms, airfare, and food on a budget. Consider, according to USA Today, the average family of four will spend $4,000 on a family vacation in 2013. Business travelers looking for hotel reservations will find that hotel costs have increased by 5% since last year, according to CNBC. For whatever reason you’re on the hotel search, you’ll need easy ways to cut costs. Here are five of the best.

  1. Consider Staying in a Pension
  2. As Smarter Travel writes, one of the best ways to save on your ho