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Ground Transportation Services Today

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Many Americans need ground-based transport to and from their homes, work, places of worship, and more. Some Americans have their own car that they can drive around, but others will need transportation services to get around. Some Americans cannot afford a car or don’t feel the need to get one, while others may have difficulty driving and would rather make use of transportation services. The good news is that many American cities today have ample transportation services all over the place, and this may range from general bus rental to getting a fancy charter bus to an airport shuttle. Some buses or vans are used only for a certain client, such as an airport or a church or synagogue. Such transportation services can be very convenient for Americans who cannot or will not use their own transportation, and there’s a bus, taxi, or shuttle for any sector today. What might a bus patron expect?


Buses are used for more than driving kids to school, although they certainly serve that purpose, too. One advantage to this form of transportation services is that buses can clear up a lot of traffic and air pollution on the road. For starters, a bus is carrying not just one person, but possibly up to 55 of them, which removes a lot of cars from the road and replaces them with just one vehicle. This can open up a lot of space on the road, and it also reduces air pollution at the same time. These vehicles are often highly fuel and emission efficient; motorcoaches, for example, are three times more efficient with their CO2 output compared to commuter rail. And they’re five times more efficient than transit buses where this is concerned, which makes them a prime candidate for a city’s effort to reduce air pollution.

How might buses be used? There are many options, since buses can carry many people and they can reach many areas that trains cannot. Buses such as chartered motorcoaches may be highly effective for tourism, for example. Many communities around the world depend on tourism for their economy, and buses can easily deliver a whole group of tourists for a short visit, such as one or two days. This makes a bus an excellent investment, since it delivers tourists who are spending money locally on lodgings, attraction, food, and more. Such chartered buses can be comfortable for the tourists, too, who may enjoy climate control, padded seats, WiFi, or possibly even videos screens and DVD players on board.

Buses are also a fine choice for everyday commuting. Some business professionals, most often women, take buses to and from their jobs or to meetings and other business functions. And for millions of rural Americans, a bus is the only way to perform intercity transport, since these buses go to many places that trains or planes cannot reach. Other times, buses may be used exclusively by certain patrons. A place of worship, for example, may have its own small fleet of buses or vans that can pick up and drop off worshipers who cannot drive themselves. A church, for example, may have a set route for picking up elderly church-goers and bringing to the premises. A synagogue, mosque, or other house of worship may do something similar. And of course, a staple bus client is a school. Most school students cannot drive themselves, and some of them don’t have access to someone who can privately drive them. In this case, a school will have an entire fleet of distinctive yellow buses that pick up students across a town or city and bring them to and from the school campus. And finally, an airport may have its own shuttle services for plane passengers going to and from the premises. Pickup can be arranged ahead of time.

Some bus patrons are those who cannot or will not drive themselves. Senior citizens, for example, are often prone to more accidents than other, younger car drivers. They have slower reflexes, or may have poor vision. For their safety, and the safety of other drivers, many elderly citizens take buses instead. They may go to a place of worship, for example, or on errands downtown.

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