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The Benefits Of Using a Motorcoach For Travel

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Public transportation has been an important part of society for as long as many people can remember. In the 1820s, horse-drawn buses were used in the downtown areas and even rural areas to get people to a certain destination. Ten years later in England, buses were powered by steam to help provide a public form of transportation.

Many people today now view the most popular form of public transportation to be commercial flights, but that is not necessarily true for everyone. While there is definitely a section of the population that uses commercial flights to get to a certain destination, many people still use buses to get to their facility.

Data was collected that revealed nearly 751 million people rode a bus in order to get to their facility destination. For some Americans, they have no other choice but to uses a bus to get to their facility. Just about 14 million Americans live in rural areas and use motorcoaches as transportation because they are the only form of transportation that is available to them as it travels where air and rail cannot.

If you are someone considering using a bus to get to the facility that you need to get to, then here are some facts that you should know.

Motorcoaches Are Fuel Efficient

if you want to help protect the environment while getting to your facility then using a motorcoach is the way to go. These motorcoaches are able to offer over 206 passenger miles per gallon of fuel compared to 92 passenger miles per gallon for commuter rails, 44 passenger miles per gallon for commercial flights, and 27 miles per gallon for single passenger cars. So there is no other form of transportation that compares to motorcoaches in terms of fuel efficiency.

Getting to your facility is important but so is taking care of the environment. The motorcoach industry is 3 times more efficient in reducing carbon dioxide when compared to using a commuter rail and is six times more efficient than a transit bus. A full motorcoach can help remove nearly 55 cars from the highway. This helps reduce a back up of traffic, cuts a number of emissions output and also helps reduce the amount of energy used.

Motorcoaches Contribute To The Economy

The motorcoach industry can not only get to your facility but they help local economies thrive. The motorcoach industry is comprised of 3,400 different small businesses that utilize 33,400 vehicles. The number of passengers traveling by bus in the United States rose by 7.5% between 2011 and 2012, which made it the fastest growing form travel in the country per information gathered and released by the American Bus Association.

So you do not need to worry about a motorcoach getting you to your facility and destination because that will always happen. But so much of taking a motorcoach lies within what it does for everyone else.

The motorcoach industry helps give tourism dollars to every single community that they reach and visit. When one single motorcoach spends at the very least one night at a facility, they will generate just about $12,000 for the local economy. They do this through lodging, meals, and other spending that involves buying gifts.

In the year of 2012, more than half of all passenger trips taken on the motorcoach industry were taken by students and seniors. The other half of all passenger trips taken on a motorcoach in that very same year were taken by adults and young adults. Also, understand that every year the motorcoach traveler and tourist business generates more than $55 billion in terms of economic transactions.

In Conclusion

Bus charter services, small charter buses, and the motorcoach industry can help you get to your destination and facility and also do so much more for both the economy and the environment. If you have to go a long distance to get to your destination then it is hard to avoid flying on a commercial flight. However, if you can enjoy taking a motorcoach then you definitely should. Not only will it benefit you, it will benefit a lot of your surroundings.

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