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Reasons to Plan a Camping Trip with Your Friends and Family This Year

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Are you looking for a popular new activity to try with friends or family? Whether you?re interested in a week-long vacation or a short weekend getaway, it can be tricky finding a location and activity that everyone will enjoy. If you pick something that includes so many different options, you can find a way to please everyone at some point during the trip. By visiting one of the best camp resorts throughout the country, you can find exciting activities to keep everyone happy throughout the trip.

Interested in learning more about how popular friend and family camping trips are? Keep reading for more information about the different things you can do while on fall, spring, or summer camping trips.

Popularity of Camp Resorts in the United States

You may think that camping is only an activity people participate in when their families have been doing it regularly throughout their lifetime. That?s actually not the case. Many people pick up camping as a hobby in different times in their lives. It?s an activity some enjoy doing once a year while others prefer to make the most of every summer weekend at camp resorts. Most people who enjoy camping semi-regularly hope to go on camping trips around 4 times a year.

So many people enjoy camping that their are on average around 40 million camping trips taken in the United States annually. In total, that is around 515 million outings taken. While 12% of adults first went camping with their family at some point in their lives, many people first go camping with friends or clubs early on in life or in their adult lives.

Another great reason to plan a trip to wooded campgrounds is that you don?t necessarily have to travel far to enjoy this activity. While some people travel up to 180 miles from home to camp, you can most likely find a park or campground near you that offers places to camp and amenities. Whether you stay at a state park, a national park, or campgrounds near activities, you won?t be at a loss for ideas of things to do during your trip with friends and family. In fact, when people camp, they say they generally get outside and do multiple activities on every trip.

Options for Lodging and Activities at Camp Resorts

Depending on the preferences of the people going on your trip, you will need to decide where you are staying. If someone people prefer to stay in a cabin over a tent, it will be important to find a park or campgrounds that offer cabins for rental. For staying in a tent, you will still need to find a location to rent tent space at campgrounds, for example. Another option is to rent an RV or camper along with a space to set up camp.

Keep in mind that where you stay there should be plenty of activities nearby so that no one is bored throughout the trip. It?s best to find a campground that is very helpful in offering information about their amenities and activities. For example, some campgrounds have pools, hiking trails, horses to ride, and bicycles to rent. Take some time each day to enjoy one of these activities. That way you?re never bored or just sitting around at the campgrounds.

When staying in a national park or a state park, you will likely find plenty of walking and hiking trails to enjoy during the days. You can also take advantage of the opportunity to cook your meals over a fire throughout the day. If your friends and family have never been camping before, this will be an activity everyone is sure to enjoy. Make sure to plan out your meals before going on the trip so you have all the right ingredients and recipes prepared.

Do you think you will plan a camping trip with friends and family this year? What activity do you most look forward to on your trip? Let us know in the comments about your trip plans.

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