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Tips for Renting a Charter Bus

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Do charter buses have power outlets

If you have a group that you need to get from point A to B, going with a charter bus rental may be your best options. There are a lot of good reasons to go with a charter rental for your group. For starters, travel by bus is one of the most environmentally friendly ways to go. Coach charter buses can get at least 206 passenger miles per gallon (MPG) of fuel. Commuter trains get 92 passenger MPG, commercial planes get roughly 44 passenger MPG and passenger cars get about 27 passenger MPG (this can be higher if the car in question is a hybrid). Charter buses also emit a lot less carbon dioxide than other forms of transportation.

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8 Tips to Hiring the Right Shuttle Service to Get Your Group to the Airport

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Charter bus rental

Getting to the airport can be challenging when you are just getting yourself there but when you have a larger group to worry about, it can seem like a really daunting challenge. That is where shuttle services companies. Finding the right shuttle services company is easier than you may think. Here are some tips to get the right airport shuttle service:

  1. Plan ahead. When you want to book an airport shuttle services company, you should make the reservation as early as you can. Spend some time looking at how long it will take to get from your meet up point to the airport. If your group is going to travel during a busy time for traveling, you will need to book your transportation services even earlier and plan to have them pick up your group earlier so that you can make it through security at the