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Take a Vacation in Florida

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Florida summer break rentals

Vacations are the best way to decompress, relax, and forget your troubles. For many families, this means a trip to Florida. Florida is one of the most popular vacation spots in America because of its climate, and also its attractions. In 2012 alone, Florida’s median hotel occupancy rate was almost 70%.

It is common for families to head to the Sunshine State during the summer months, because school is out, but Florida summers can be extremely humid. It might be better to travel between October and February, because the weather in Florida is the most comfortable during this time, according to USA Today. During these months, families can also get Florida off-season rentals at a more affordable price. Most Florida summer break rentals can be expensive with so many people traveling to several different areas of the state for vacation.

Some of these areas include Orlando, home to Disney World, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and Naples. There are also other places, such as Cape Coral, that offer the same expansive beaches and sun, but are often less crowded. Cape Coral contains a number of cultural and recreational opportunities for travelers, with 7 golf courses, more than 30 parks, the Cultural Park Theater, the Historical Museum, the Cape Coral Art League, and the Art Studio to name a few.

Other Florida attractions include Falling Waters State Park, located between Tallahassee and Pensacola. The waterfall at this park is the highest in all of Florida, with a drop of 67 feet that falls into a sink hole below.

Many people invest in Florida off-season rentals and also seasonal rentals so that they can save money on hotels at these popular locations. For a family that vacations in Florida at least once or twice a year, hotel bills alone can equal the cost of car and boat rentals, making vacation home rentals a more affordable options.

There are many waterfront vacation rentals available in these cities, as well as ones that are located in urban areas. Depending on the needs of each family, either one would be a great investment.

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