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Five Ways to Save Big on Hotel Reservations

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Are you looking to get away for the holidays? Are you struggling to send your employees on important business trips without going outside of your budget? In either situation, you’re likely aware that increased travel prices have made it more difficult than ever to find hotel rooms, airfare, and food on a budget. Consider, according to USA Today, the average family of four will spend $4,000 on a family vacation in 2013. Business travelers looking for hotel reservations will find that hotel costs have increased by 5% since last year, according to CNBC. For whatever reason you’re on the hotel search, you’ll need easy ways to cut costs. Here are five of the best.

  1. Consider Staying in a Pension
  2. As Smarter Travel writes, one of the best ways to save on your hotel reservations is to stay in pensions. Pensions are hotel rooms which have been converted from old apartments and often lack private bathrooms. However, if you’re willing to use a communal bathroom, you may be entitled to free breakfast, while spending 50% less than you would on traditional hotel rooms.

  3. Join AAA
  4. Budget Travel suggests all travelers join AAA to gain access to amazing rates on the best hotels across the globe. While you will have to pay the AAA membership fees, ranging from $38 to $80 a year, most find the 50% savings on hotel reservations to be well worth such a small fee.

  5. Stick with the Hotels You Know and Love
  6. While it can be tempting to constantly try new hotels when you’re visiting your favorite city, it may actually be cheaper for you to show some loyalty to the places you like best. According to Money Crashers, a website devoted to living life on a budget, hotels will notice when repeat customers are booking hotel reservations. This often leads to discounts, free upgrades, and other complimentary services.

  7. Travel During Off-Peak Times
  8. If you really want to save money on your hotel reservations, consider traveling when no one else wants to. Around the holidays, this means traveling on the day or a few days after. For year round travel, you’ll want to book your hotel stays in the middle of the week, instead of on the weekends. As About.com points out, this is a great way to slash prices and avoid the crowds.

  9. Rely on the Power of Negotiation
  10. Too many travelers assume they need to pay for a better hotel room, for a better view, but as US News writes, that is often not the case. If you’re willing to negotiate, you can lower the cost of your hotel reservations, get vouchers for nearby restaurants, and find many other hidden bonuses. The key is to make your hotel think you have reservations about staying with them. Oftentimes, that’s enough to make them give some ground to gain your business.

While traveling is always going to be expensive, the price for your hotel reservations and airfare shouldn’t be usurious. Using these five tips, you can shave your costs and allow yourself to enjoy more of wherever you’re headed. Good refereneces: www.holidayinncamden.co.uk

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    How much would you really have to travel to justify the AAA costs?


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