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Learn About Small Group Turkey Tours

Written by admin on . Posted in Luxury turkey tours, Private turkey tours, Small group turkey tours

Small group turkey tours

Many people want to visit ancient countries such as Vietnam, China, Israel, Turkey, Indochina and Greece, as well as take biblical tours. Small group Turkey tours offers a variety of tours that allow visitors to experience the very best the country has to offer. The client can choose from shore excursions, private Turkey tours, luxury Turkey tours and escorted turkey tours.

Small group Turkey tours allow the visitors to fully experience the astonishing culture and history that has made Turkey the amazing country it is today. With a private tour, client have the use of their own personal and private driver and tour guide. This enables the group to spend as much time at each sight as they desire.

With small group Turkey tours, many of the trip expenses are included in the price. For example, visitors can expect to be able to choose their own hotel accommodations, with a buffet breakfast served on a daily basis. Any domestic flights within the country of Turkey, as well as transfer fees, are also included. Any meals that are indicated on the itinerary are also included. Visitors should note whether their itinerary is stamped with a B for breakfast, a L for lunch or a D for dinner in order to plan accordingly.

For sightseeing options, all people who choose small group turkey tours should check their itinerary for details. Any entrance fees are also included in the price of the tour. An experienced and licensed FLO USA tour guide’s services are also included. The vehicles that are used during the tour are all comfortably air conditioned.

Hotel fees for these types of small group turkey tours are also included. ASTA travel, hotel taxes, hotel service charges and baggage handling are all included within the fees that clients pay to go on these once in a lifetime tours.