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International Luxury Golf Vacations

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Luxury golf vacation

Golf, as a sport, has been around since the 1400s, but about halfway through the century, Scotland’s king prohibited playing the game. He thought that it was aiding in the deterioration of Scotland’s military strength. Scotland still boasts luxury golf vacation packages, as do many other destinations around the world. Golf trip packages are popular gifts for avid golfers, but their families and significant others sometimes want to tag along without being dragged through eighteen holes. While the chances of making two holes in one during a single game are less than one in fifty million, the chances of finding an inexpensive luxury golf vacation with sightseeing excursions are much better.

Conveniently for families of avid golfers, golf trip packages are offered for more exciting places than Spokane, Washington, although such luxury golf vacations are offered to places such as Spokane as well. Some of the best golf vacations are taken abroad, in places such as China, Bali, Dubai, Borneo, and South Africa. Many of these places have reputations for shopping, beaches, food, and their indigenous wildlife. Offering golf trip packages to such places requires more than just golf, however, and we offer various opportunities for your golfer to take a break from their game and spend time sightseeing with their travel buddies.

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