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When It Comes To Memorable Vacations, One Place Reigns Supreme Helicopter Hawaii Oahu Tours

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It might be cold now, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have some wonderful plans to attend to once the season starts to turn. Thinking of trying something new?

You can’t go wrong with a helicopter Hawaii Oahu tour. Giving you a whole new perspective many hundreds of feet in the air alongside your typical tanning session, helicopter tours have remained a classic vacation mainstay for years now. In fact, some don’t consider their trip to a new place complete without a proper sightseeing adventure! If you’re afraid of heights or aren’t sure if it’ll be worth the money, then the list below is for you. There are more than enough perks to a helicopter tour to give your vacation a boost.

Let’s take to the skies and look into why the helicopter Hawaii Oahu trip is such a trip…if you’ll pardon the pun!

Did You Know?

Here are some fun facts about the Helicopter Oahu trip and today’s average vacation. Back in 2015 over 24 million general aviation flight hours were logged across the world. At any given time there are at least 5,000 aircraft roaming around in the sky, whether for delivery or providing the best helicopter tours in Oahu. The United States, interestingly enough, has the largest number of commercial helicopters. It boasts over 12,000 helicopters in industries ranging from news reporting to vacation endeavors.

Popular Vacation Spots

What do people tend to want out of vacations nowadays? Some fun in the sun remains a popular constant, though many find themselves eager to dig into good local food. A recent study saw a whopping majority of employees in America agreeing that taking vacations is good for their health. The year 2017 saw a 12% increase in spending on summer vacations from just the previous year. You can expect to see a lot of activity anywhere there’s a beach, though locations in the mountains remain beloved among families and couples.

Hawaii’s Ongoing Popularity

You don’t have to think for very long on why Hawaii has been one of the top vacation spots internationally. Its stunning beaches and gorgeous tours are just a few of the highlights you can encounter when you sign up for a Hawaiian weekend. Just in 2016 over 220,000 visitors are seen in Hawaii during a given day, with the following year seeing a record high of nine million visitors. One AAA survey found at least 35% of Americans are planning to take a vacation at least 50 miles away from home…why not do so among Hawaii’s most brilliant vistas?

Beautiful Vistas To See

What do you want to see most when you sign up for the helicopter Hawaii Oahu tour? Do you want to go to the farthest reaches of the smallest islands or are you more interested in getting some timeless photographs? The island of Oahu in Hawaii is nearly 600 square miles. Also known as ‘The Gathering Place’, the island of Oahu is the third largest and most populated in the state. Just about anywhere you go in this lovely state you can get a prime photography spot or a place to get your feet wet.

Signing Up For Your First Sightseeing Tour

You could settle for the same, boring visit to the same, boring campsite next year…or you could create one-of-a-kind memories and sign up for a helicopter Hawaii Oahu sightseeing tour. Industry experts recently predicted the worldwide sale of commercial helicopters just the previous year will reach $5 billion, setting a record for the most intense vacations yet. Here’s one more fun fact for the road. Made popular in the famous television series Magnum P.I., the Hughes 500D helicopter was first made for military purposes and has since expanded for sightseeing and touring.

Don’t settle for the same old thing. Give yourself some new perspective and see the world from a fresh point of view!

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