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Traveling In Style Choosing The Best Limousine Service For Your Next Vacation

Written by admin on . Posted in Group transportation, Limo, Limousine rentals

You’re traveling to a new city for the first time. You’re going with a group of friends and you want to make sure this will be one of your best experiences yet. What travel options do you choose?

So much of travel comes down not to the ticket pricing or the food you’ll be eating, but how you’ll move from place-to-place. In fact, it can even be a dealbreaker. While your home city you can get by with your car or local bus transportation services, a new city is another matter entirely. You don’t just need a car hire. You need a comfortable form of transportation that will help you navigate a new location while having the time of your life. A limousine service can provide you and your friends with all that and more, combining ease and efficiency in one convenient package.

If you’ve never hired a limousine service before, or aren’t sure if your situation qualifies for a limousine rental, check out the list below.

Did You Know?

Transportation services come in enough shapes and sizes for just about any occasion. There are over 130,000 limousines in service across the country as we know it, with two main types of limo operators — fleets and small companies — to give you the perfect addition to your vacation or business venture. The average limo driver will go through over 100 trips per week, with many limousine services specializing in airport transportation.

Comfortable For Large Groups

Are you worried about moving from place to place in a brand new city? Do you need an option that will ensure everyone is accommodated? A limousine service will meet you halfway and provide a transportation option that’s just as comfortable as it is convenient. Weekend limousine business regularly attends to weddings, proms and parties, accounting for as much as 40% of total limousine service. You can see the sights, enjoy cozy seating and make sure you’re never lost as you move throughout your journey.

Plenty Of Options To Choose From

Whether you’re on a much-needed vacation with the family or traveling to a wedding, your limousine service will make sure you’re good to go. The limousine and town car services industry rakes in an impressive $6 billion year in and year out, which will only get higher as people start traveling more and more. Back in 2016 there were over 305,000 taxi drivers, ride-hailing drivers and chauffeurs working in the United States. Whether you need a ride for the entire weekend or a one-stop, your group events will be all the better.

Flexible Pricing For All Budgets

You don’t have to worry about costs when investing in group transportation. The limousine service isn’t just for ritzy parties. It’s also for families on vacation, business ventures and couples who want to enjoy a personal getaway. The average limo or car service will charge anywhere from $15 to $30 per stop. You can also expect anywhere from 50% to 100% to be charged for overtime fees. You can even enjoy your Atlanta bus service before it’s time to leave. More than 80% of limousine companies have a website with online reservation options.

Hiring A Limousine Service

Traveling to a new place can be a little daunting. Not only do you want to have fun, you want to save money and stay comfortable even in a brand new environment. A limousine service is the perfect choice for your group venture, giving you the ease of transportation on top of a smooth ride that can help you get acquainted with your new home away from home. Consider applying for a limousine service online or look at the local businesses involved in the tourist industry. You can even get your feet wet by trying out an airport limousine service first.

Ready to have fun? There’s a private car service ready to make this the best vacation yet.

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