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Stress Can Increase Your Risk For Stroke, Diabetes And Heart Disease It’s Time To Take That Vacation

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Are vacations good for your health?

In a short…absolutely. But it’s not enough to just know something. You need to understand the impact a good break has on your mental faculties, your emotional wellness and your physical health. The United States is home to some of the most stressed out workers the world over, with too many Americans either taking terribly short vacations or just skipping their vacation time to begin with. Instead of sitting around and waiting for burnout to rear its ugly head consider looking up rentals near the beach.

Let this summer be a source of healing for you and the long work week that never seems to end.

Today’s Vacation Trends

Americans may struggle with taking vacations, but that doesn’t mean they don’t enjoy them. A recent study found 90% of Americans stating vacation time is very important to them. However, many still fail to set aside routine time to unwind and relax. Occasionally taking a day off to lounge around in front of the television doesn’t quite cut it. You need an entirely removed space away from work and the drudgery of your city to really feel refreshed. Rentals near the beach, you could say, are the perfect medicine.

Mental Health Benefits

Let’s start off with the mental health benefits of Outer Banks rentals. Depression and anxiety are two of the most common mental illnesses in the country. While genetics can play a part, environmental causes are also widespread and can make pre-existing conditions worse. Taking a regular vacation gives your mind the necessary space needed to recover, reducing feelings of hopelessness, frustration and workplace anger. Over 40 million adults in the country (or 20% of the population) struggle with an anxiety disorder.

Emotional Health Benefits

Emotional health is not unlike mental health. It’s how you feel in the day-to-day and whether or not your mood is conducive to remaining happy. A study recently showed employees who grind it out at work experience more stress at home and at work than those that take regular sanity breaks. They are also much less likely to be promoted or receive a raise. Rentals near the beach don’t just make you feel good. They make you feel good and be in better shape once you return to work!

Physical Health Benefits

Now for the physical health benefits. Vacation planning does wonders for reducing your workplace stress, improving your mood and chipping away at the issues that impact you from the inside out. Stress is a notorious drain on your heart and mind, with chronic stress increasing your risk for heart disease and liver failure exponentially. Additional studies have shown diabetes, stroke and sleeping disorders can also be caused by unchecked stress levels.

Why You Should Take A Vacation Soon

Rentals near the beach are basically a full-body detox. You can have a little fun with local dining, reduce your stress with some casual naps and catch up on your social life with good company. North Carolina’s Outer Banks are the third most popular wedding destination in the country and have risen to the top of the list as a go-to vacation spot. There are miles and miles of beautiful coast to enjoy, thriving local wildlife and plenty of historical landmarks to enjoy. You can even take up kite surfing and hang gliding on your spare time!

When you’re starting to feel the onset of burnout and want to take a week or two off to recharge, rentals near the beach are just around the corner.

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