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5 Smart Tips for Traveling While on a Budget

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Costs are an understandable barrier that prevents many people from taking trips throughout the year. In fact, statistics show that over 50% of both Millennials and Gen Xers cite cost as the main barrier to allow them to travel for leisure purposes. That being said, following a few simple tips can help ensure that your vacation spending is kept to a minimum while you’re able to have a great time. Considering that, here are five tips for vacationing on a budget.

  1. Travel to Less Popular Locations

    Statistics show that 96% of those who work in the United States feel that having vacation time is extremely important. With that in mind, you don’t want to travel to a vacation spot that is congested with a bunch of tourists. Considering that, there is a seemingly endless amo

Commercial Flights and Charter Flights The Facts

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Business private jet

A survey was conducted in the year 2009 that involved passengers flying on an aircraft for a work trip. This survey asked specific questions, like whether or not they felt productive on a company flight. This survey revealed that the respondents felt 20% more productive on a company aircraft as opposed to being in the office. Here is some more information that deals with types of private jets, type of private planets, and an international jet charter.

Another survey was conducted in 2009 that asked people what they thought of working while flying on a commercial airline. This survey revealed that there was a 40% drop in terms of productivity amongst these workers. This means that there are plenty of benefits of using an international jet charter when transporting workers to and from destinations for