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Archive for April 5, 2017

Reliable Transportation Options Can Save Time, Money, and Energy

Written by admin on . Posted in Bus tours in nyc, Newark shuttle services, Newark transportation services

Special events

You wish you would have opted for the option of taking the shuttle!
You made it to the performance, but it was not easy. After spending an hour in traffic just to travel a couple of miles from your hotel to the National Show Choir Competition at the large venue, you found yourself stressed and worried that you would miss your daughter’s performance, the one that you had travelled 12 hours to see. Taking the shuttle between the hotels was an option, but in a moment of impatience your husband decided that he did not want to wait the 15 minutes for the next departure time. It made more sense, he insisted, that you simply jump in your car and drive. He had found a free place to park at the host hotel and he was willing to drop you at the front door so that you could go in a get seats.
Giving into his plan,