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The Greener Option Charter Buses

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Tips on chartering a bus

Whether you are an individual family or a school, chances are you have thought about the impact your travel has on the environment. Increasingly, Americans are asking questions about the impact their lifestyles have on the environment and opting to make changes to better serve future generations. One such change could be opting for a charter bus rental over a private vehicle transport option. Though few realize it, charter bus travel is a much more environmentally friendly way to travel.

Bus travel has a long history, starting with the horse drawn options of the early 1820s and the steam powered varieties that were used in England in the 1830s. Modern motor coach and bus travel, however, is a vastly different affair, offering comfort and ease of travel while also cutting down on negative environmental impact. Charter buses can offer more than 206 passenger miles per gallon of fuel. In contrast, commuter rail provides just 92 miles per passenger gallon, single passenger cars just 27 MPG and domestic air carriers just 44 MPG. One motor coach tour means 55 fewer cars on the road. Little wonder then that over 750 million passenger trips are taken on charter buses and motor coaches each year.

Not only does opting for charter bus rental translate into lower carbon emissions and a reduced number of automobiles on the roads, it also injects valuable cash into the economy. Tourism is vital to local communities, many of which rely on the economic boost to keep going. Just one motor coach spending a single night in a community can inject over $11,500 into that economy. The accommodation spend, meals bought, and other expenditure means a boost for that area. In fact, as much as $1.65 in additional spending is generated for every $1 spent in new charter buses. In all, charter buses bring in $1.2 billion in spending on tour and travel. In addition, $55 billion in economic transactions is generated annually as a result of the industry and the demand for traveler and tourist options.

Given that there are six times as many motor coach terminals across the country as there are intercity rail terminals and five times as many airports, charter bus rental makes sense. For much of rural America it is the only way to travel since air and rail services do not reach these areas. As many as 14 million people live in areas such as these where motor coaches are the only option. As an efficient, environmentally responsible, comfortable and easy way to travel, charter buses are the way to go.

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