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Three Benefits Of Camping During The Summer

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Family camping trips

Family vacations are important parts of summer for most families — and they take place during the summer precisely because this is the best time of year for families to vacation. Most children have the entire summer off; and if their parents work in education-related fields, they often will as well. Even if you don’t work for the school system, you’ll probably be more likely to get time off during the summer because employers expect parents to vacation with their children during the summer. In the South in particular, there are many different vacation options for families, but some are certainly more expensive than others. Going to the beach might be fun in theory, but in reality beaches are packe

The Greener Option Charter Buses

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Tips on chartering a bus

Whether you are an individual family or a school, chances are you have thought about the impact your travel has on the environment. Increasingly, Americans are asking questions about the impact their lifestyles have on the environment and opting to make changes to better serve future generations. One such change could be opting for a charter bus rental over a private vehicle transport option. Though few realize it, charter bus travel is a much more environmentally friendly way to travel.

Bus travel has a long history, starting with the horse drawn options of the early 1820s and the steam powered varieties that were used in England in the 1830s. Modern motor coach and bus travel, however, is a vastly different affair, offering comfort and ease of travel while also cutting down on negative environ