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3 Upcoming Holidays to Consider Scheduling Jet Charter Services

Written by admin on . Posted in Empty leg flight, Jet charter services, Private airplane charter

Private jet customs

Jet charter services are far and away the best ways to travel in style and luxury. There’s a reason that those who can afford to do so, usually do. For some people it’s more of a once-in-a-while occurrence for special occasions, rather than a regular means of transportation. With more than 100 times more options to fly in and out of than traditional non-private aircraft charters (there are over 5,00 public use airports in the U.S. in total), charter jet services are incredibly convenient and flexible to use too.

With winter at a close and spring quickly in full bloom the question now becomes, when and where will your next jet charter services take you? There are plenty of reasons to choose, but there are a couple of upcoming holidays that could be the perfect excuse to splurge a little and make your holiday plans a little more exciting and enjoyable.

According to Expedia, about 21% of people choose window seats and about 20% choose the aisle. With private jet charters the only thing you have to decide is when you want to leave. Here are three ideas to get on a plane and go this summer.

  1. Mother’s Day Mother’s Day is quickly approaching and that means gifts, phone calls, and a whole lot of “Thank yous” to the women that raise kids all across the country. Ask almost any mother out there what their ideal gift would be and most will surely tell you the company and love of those very kids they raised. Instead of settling for a phone call, pony up the money and invest in jet charter services to get you to mama on her special day.
  2. Memorial Day: Memorial Day is meant to honor the brave men and women who fought and died for this wonderful country. Why not spend this year in a truly special way by taking jet charter services to a place like the Arlington National Cemetery in D.C. and pay your respects to many of them properly.
  3. 4th of July: Finally, the Fourth of July is always a time for beer, barbecue, and spending time with family and friends outside. You can’t do all that though if you’re not with them. Pick out who’s hosting the event now and fly out to party with friends and family while celebrating the birth of our nation.

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