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5 Out of the Box Date Night Ideas

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We dream about what we would do on the perfect date with unlimited amounts of money. The things we’d do, the places we’d see; but it’s all just a dream. Most of us settle for dinner and a movie. But that doesn’t have to be the case. Here are some out the box ideas for date night that could really turn the tide, whether you’ve been married for 25 years or are on a first or second date.

  1. Jet Charter Services
    I know it sounds crazy but read on; it’s possible to not break the bank and take a jet to where you want to go! There are jet charter services that function much like the new car service, Uber and will pick you up, only needing a couple hours advance notice. Of course, these jet charter services are not exactly like Uber; you would have to go to the air strip to meet the jet and there are only certain places it could drop you off but it might be fun to get out of the city for the night and fly to an surprise location. Private charter jets could be just what you need to spark that old flame or kindle a new one. Charter plane services aren’t hard to find if you just look on a search engine.

  2. Sunset Cruise
    There’s nothing quite so romantic as watching the sunset together and what better way to do in then on the water? You could get a dinner cruise so that the destination and the transportation are one and the same. These cruises are usually a couple hours long with entertainment and food included. Keep in mind that if either of you are prone to motion sickness, you may want to purchase seabands or some sort of sea sickness medicine before you step on the boat.

  3. Hot Air Balloon
    A hot air balloon ride is such an exhilarating experience to share with someone. IF you do a little research you should be able to find a company that either allows you to bring your own picnic for while you are up there or even provides a water and a meal, depending on the time of day you decide to go. It’s definitely a unique and intimate experience, lazily floating over the city together. You could either go as part of a festival so there are many balloons up in the sky with you or could request your own so that it’s just you and your loved one up in the clouds.
  4. Parasailing
    While, parasailing might sound a little scary, unless you have an intense fear of heights, there’s nothing to be afraid of. Even a small fear will be fine on this type of date. Usually parasailing is done in pairs which is perfect for a date night or day. Going parasailing at night time provides a unique experience of seeing the water glittering from above and sometimes, some companies will offer a firework show for the couple to enjoy while being pulled along above the boat.

  5. Hang Gliding
    For a more thrill seeking kind of date, hang gliding could be an option. You could tandem hang glide with your significant other if you are experienced and have enough glides under your belt, otherwise the two of you will be on seperate glides with your instructors. You’ll still be able to ride next to each other as you glide over the valleys so it is definitely a shared experience.

So, whether you decide to use jet charter services and visit the other side of the states for the evening or go for that dinner and movie, the fact that you are putting in an effort to set aside specific time for your significant other will hold great meaning for them. Having an extravegant date night is a good idea every now and again and can be a lot of fun but the truth is, it takes more than one fantastic date to keep things going. These ideas should be used in conjuction with day to day love and attention to your significant other and that’s when they will work.

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