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Learn More About the Benefits of Business Travel with Gulfstream Private Flights

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Private plane charter

Is your company searching for solutions to increase workplace productivity? If your upper management and staff need to travel on a regular basis, and your company doesn’t already own its own planes, then you may want to consider changing from standard commercial air travel to private jet charters. This is because surveys have shown that employees in a variety of positions are able to be more productive on a private company plane. Furthermore, Gulfstream private flights are more convenient and usually faster than standard commercial air travel.

You may already be aware of other businesses that charter business flights for their staff. In terms of overall business aircraft passengers, they tend to hold the following types of positions:

  • Top management: 22%
  • Other managers: 50%
  • Technical, sales, and/or service staff: 20%

A 2009 survey showed that there was a 40% drop in productivity when business people flew on commercial airlines, according to its participants. Furthermore, the survey participants also claimed that they were more productive on a company jet than when at their office. This increased productivity may have much to do with fewer distractions as well as the ability to still confer with colleagues while on a private jet.

Traveling by business aircraft is more convenient. One of the major reasons for this is that private jets have increased airport access. They can take off and land at over 5,000 airports throughout the United States. Commercial airlines, however, are only able to do so with 550 airports. Approximately 33% of private jets land in a secondary airport, while 19% fly into a larger commercial airport. This is just one example of the added convenience of traveling by private jet.

Commercial jets tend to cruise at 35,000 feet. Smaller jets, however, can and will fly higher. Since these smaller jets aren’t having to deal with the same amount of air traffic, traveling from one destination to another on a Gulfstream private flight is usually faster.

When you consider these and other benefits associated with chartering private planes for your company’s travel needs, it makes sense to change from using commercial airlines. Once you contact a jet charter company, you can learn more about other benefits as well as the costs. While your company may not have significant productivity issues, consider the possibility that productivity will rise when on a Gulfstream private flight.

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