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The Benefits of Chartering Private versus Commercial Flights

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Private aircraft

Are you considering a private jet charter for business purposes? You may be interested to know that there were 11,261 private jets registered in the United States by 2011. The private jet market is larger in the United States than in Europe, with the former accounting for 49.7% and the latter for 20.8%.

The business aviation industry is also a major employer. There are approximately 1.2 million people in the United States that work for this industry in some capacity. On an annual basis, $150 billion in economic activity is generated as a result.

There are a variety of personnel that tend to use private business aircraft. A recent survey showed the following types of business passengers and the percentage that utilize this means of travel:

  • Top management: 22%
  • Other managers: 50%
  • Technical, sales, and service staff: 20%

When your company charters a private jet rather than flying commercial, you have access to more airports. Around 33% of business aircraft are able to fly into secondary airports, while 19% of these flights use large commercial airports. As a result, private jets are able to take off and land in over 5,000 airports throughout the United States. Commercial flights, however, only have access to 550 different airports.

Another benefit of traveling by Gulfstream charter is that there is often less travel time involved. This is because these aircraft are able to fly at a higher altitude than commercial jets, which cruise at 35,000 feet. There is considerably less air traffic to contend with at these altitudes.

Traveling by Gulfstream charter may also increase productivity while en route to conferences, meetings, and other corporate events. A 2009 survey showed that when staff traveled on a commercial flight, their productivity dropped by 40%. In contrast, those that traveled on a company aircraft stated that they were 20% more productive than when they were working in the office.

There are different types of private jets available. In addition to those that travel throughout the United States, there are also worldwide jet charters. If you’re planning to travel for the weekend from New York City to San Francisco, for example, it will cost $106,711.17 to charter a Gulfstream V.

Given the benefits of private charters, it makes good business sense to utilize these rather than commercial flights. In addition to the benefits outlined above, you will be able to travel more comfortably on a private jet.

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